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SBF is Walking Away Free

Bryan Liu
Bryan Liu
3 min read
SBF is Walking Away Free
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Last night I listened to SBF’s interview with Dealbook/NYT.

Videos to watch:

I didn’t know what to make of my emotions when I started watching the interview. Here is the man who took down a big chunk of my life’s savings with him. I tried to withhold my anger, but I decided to not cast judgment first and listen to what he has to say.

Long story short, this is what I picked up out of the interview:

  • He was apologizing profusely for screwing it up
  • He screwed up because he didn’t know how big the position Alameda Research had, and he didn’t know (or miscalculated it) because he didn’t oversee it that much due to fear of conflict of interests. In essence, Alameda was not his primary focus as other people were running it. His attention was on FTX.
  • He was asked why he co-mingled FTX and Alameda Research together. His response is that FTX is a platform that allows any customers to borrow and lend to each other, and Alameda Research was just one of the customer, albeit one with positions so large that it took down FTX
  • When asked about whether he’d be criminalized, his body language signaled that he doesn’t ‘think he’s a criminal and be punished as such, but quickly pivoted to a more PC answer.
  • Says he donated to both parties, just didn’t pronounce the Republican part due to fear of backlash.
  • Says he wants to prevent diseases and pandemic, so that's why he donated to both party

TLDR – he miscalculated how big the positions of Alameda Research had in FTX, and when all the sh!tcoins collapsed, it took down Alameda Research and thus FTX with it as well. He’s apologizing, he’s trembling as he talks, his head cowered in shame and guilt.

As i watched this, a mixture of feelings and thoughts came out of me:

  • It seemed like he was telling the truth, that FTX simply collapsed
  • What’s the best way to move forward? Obviously SBF is a genius and throwing him in jail is not very productive. Could he make his customers whole again? It’d be a waste of his talent to be rotting in a jail cell.

But I took a step back reviewed the situation a bit

The point is very clear now

The only criminals here are SBF and the criminal establishments who are trying so hard to cover things up by launching these PR campaigns.

My fellow readers and human beings, I implore you to wake up from the propaganda matrix and witness the charade being played right in front of our eyes. It doesn’t matter how much you hate Donald Trump, or how you think Elon Musk is an egomaniac, the truth is that SBF robbed people and he’s getting away with it, and the media is launching a massive PR campaign to spin the story.

Open your eyes and see what crimes are committed right before your eyes and the criminals are walking away. There’s only 2 sides of this war – those in power and their buddies, and those not in the circle like you and I.

Wake up people. Stop fighting with each other. Unplug yourself from the propaganda matrix that is the media. It is clear now you can be robbed in broad daylight and the criminals walk away.

Here’s my prophecy for you – humanity is about to go through another Cultural Revolution (I'll write more about this in the future), but only this time it’s going to be 10x grander and deadlier.

Stand together.

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