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This is a quick start guide to all the cool things on this site.

Let's run through some questions

Who am I

Right now, I'm a corp-world dropout who is exploring the world of crypto, travels, and adventures.

What do you write about

My main interests are crypto, spirituality, and personal-development

What cool  things are you doing?

Traveling with my orange Osprey backpack. Been to 50+ countries around the world. My favorite countries/places are Spain and Japan (for the food and the awesome nature)

Outside of the techy things I enjoy nature. I have AOW scuba diving (been on 100+ dives), and this year I've picked up free-diving. That's right, now I want to dive without a tank.

I also love ice cream, hot Cheetos.

I squat corgies for fun.

Where can I follow you

Twitter -

Instagram -

Discord - bryan_💎🦧#2771

Email -

Feel free to HMU for coffee!